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fort myers

Explore Fort Myers on Your Bonita Springs Vacation

When you stay at one of our captivating Bonita Bay, Florida rentals, you have the beach, the downtown shopping, and the many neighborhood attractions at your disposal. But if you ever want to take a quick afternoon trip over to […]
sunset over barefoot beach

Best Beaches Near Bonita Springs, FL

Bonita Springs is bold and beautiful, and a place absolutely worth spending your precious vacation time at. Bonita Springs also neighbors a variety of lovely and quiet beach escapes. Below we cover our top three sand-soaked locales near Bonita Springs. […]
Bonita Springs vacation rentals

Experience the Bonita Springs National Art Festival

Art and local culture collide to give us the now-famous Bonita Springs National Art Festival.  It’s a tour-de-force of crafts and local-centric things to do and see in what has quickly become a staple of Bonita Bay. Make sure to […]
Bonita Bay Vacation Condos For Rent

Stay in One of These Top Bonita Bay Rentals on Your Next Vacation

You can’t go wrong with selecting one of our carefully-curated and lovingly-designed Bonita Bay rentals for your next vacation escape. We have prioritized five acclaimed Bonita rentals to review, filled with welcoming amenities and many beach-embracing features. Sandpiper in Bonita […]

What is the Closest Airport to Bonita Springs?

If you are looking to visit Bonita Springs for your upcoming getaway, you are probably going to need to utilize one of Florida’s southwestern airports. Fortunately, Florida is the tourist capital of the country and filled with potential places to […]
the center bar

Visit a Local Bar in Bonita Springs on Your Next Vacation

From enthusiastic sports bars to stylish new breweries, Bonita Springs has its fill of inventive and varied bars you can visit. Explore our list of available Bonita Bay rentals to find the perfect place to call home for a few […]
Bonita Springs Boat Parade

Celebrate Christmas at the Bonita Springs Boat Parade

It’s the annual boat parade! Boats! Music! Entertainment! Everything in between!  The Bonita Springs Boat Parade is a blast of an event, gathering all the best pieces of Bonita Springs in one big holiday-themed extravaganza for all. It is a […]
Inside of Angelinas Ristorante in Bonita Springs

Where to Eat a Thanksgiving Day Meal near Bonita Springs

When you’re planning a holiday vacation, Bonita Springs is the perfect spot for you and your family. You’ll get to experience all the fun in the sun you’d expect from a Florida getaway, along with mouthwatering restaurants, phenomenal nature sites, […]
Movie theater chairs

Top Movie Theaters Near Bonita Springs

If you’re looking for a fun-filled Florida getaway, Bonita Springs is the place to be. You won’t have to deal with the crowds you’ll find in so many other cities, so you can escape the hustle and bustle to truly […]
View of Hammond Stadium in Fort Myers for spring baseball training

See Baseball Spring Training Near Bonita Springs

In Bonita Springs you won’t experience the heavy crowds that you find in cities like Orlando and Tampa; instead, you’ll be welcomed by the locals and coaxed into the quaintest shops and restaurants. There’s also plenty to do in the […]