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Stay in One of These Top Bonita Bay Rentals on Your Next Vacation

You can’t go wrong with selecting one of our carefully-curated and lovingly-designed Bonita Bay rentals for your next vacation escape. We have prioritized five acclaimed Bonita rentals to review, filled with welcoming amenities and many beach-embracing features.

Outside view of Bonita Bay rental

Sandpiper in Bonita Bay 224

Call our Sandpiper rental your home, if only for a bit. This 2 bedroom condo features a gorgeous little balcony overlooking the quiet neighborhood, a contemporary-styled living room with wood panel flooring, and a pristine kitchen space. Easily access the nearby beach via the famous Bonita Bay shuttle. Hang out at the Beach Park, with its large gazebo, numerous lounge chairs, and overall quiet beach demeanor. You can always dip on over to the community pool and spa. The Sandpiper rental has been recently renovated, giving you a fresh and invigorating 1400 square foot playground to enjoy the best of Bonita Bay.

Bonita Bay vacation rental porch view

Greenbriar III in Bonita Bay

Greenbriar is one of our most open and breezy Bonita Bay rentals. Enjoy all 1806 square feet of this spacious 2 bedroom / 2 bath. With the third floor, you get a gorgeous view of the northern side of the golf course. With its rolling greens and pockets of quiet sand, you have one of the broadest and quietest views in the neighborhood. You also get a selection of top-quality amenities, like on-site tennis courts, a pool and spa combination, and 12 neighboring trails for biking and walking near Bonita Springs.

The area is stunning, quiet, and soaked in the best of the Florida spirit. With boat dock access, intricate waterways and lakes, green fairways, and even neighborhood dining at Backwater Jack’s, Greenbriar III in Bonita Bay is more than a condo- it’s a full little world.

Vacation home in Bonita Bay

Seaglass at Bonita Bay

The 3 bedroom / 3.5 bath Seaglass at Bonita Bay has an assortment of pleasant and convenient amenities to improve your vacation experience. There’s a lovely electric fireplace, easy to maintain and use. There’s high coffered –style ceilings, giving you extra room to breathe and to elevate the beauty and elegance of the space. Motorized windows let you specifically control the interior lighting and airflow while a built-in gas grill sits comfortably in the spacious screened terrace, easily accessible at any time. 

Seaglass is focused on the experience of your vacation- what you can do, and how, as you indulge day after day in the gorgeous Bonita Bay weather

Bonita Bay rental bedroom

Wild Pines in Bonita Bay 301A

Wild Pines in Bonita Bay encapsulates you with its luxury features and lovely natural lighting. The centerpiece of this quiet 3rd-floor unit is the corner view. With epic windows and a wraparound patio deck through the foliage of the backyard, Wild Pines truly immerses you in the wild side of Bonita Bay. Utilize a slew of welcoming neighborhood features, like the picnic area and park, tennis courts, kayak launch area, playground, and even a dedicated walkway right on down to Estero Bay.

vacation rental in Bonita Bay

Esperia South in Bonita Bay S1801

The 3 bedroom / 3 bath Esperia South captivates you immediately with its breathtakingly bold view of the Gulf of Mexico. This is quality living- sliding glass doors out to the high-rise patio, garage parking for added security, on-site fitness center, and many more features are all available at your discretion.

The unit sits in an acclaimed gated community, giving you unprecedented privacy nestled away in the skyline of Bonita Bay. 

These are just a few hand-selected seasonal rentals Bonita Springs, FL. Book your stay today and secure your place in the bold and beautiful shores of Bonita Bay.