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Top Movie Theaters Near Bonita Springs

If you’re looking for a fun-filled Florida getaway, Bonita Springs is the place to be. You won’t have to deal with the crowds you’ll find in so many other cities, so you can escape the hustle and bustle to truly get away from it all. Experience sunshine, seafood, and nightlife in the incredible Bonita Springs.

While you’re on vacation, sometimes you just want to relax and catch a great movie. The Bonita Springs area has several convenient movie theaters for you to enjoy. Here a few of our favorite theaters near our Bonita Springs vacation rentals.

Movie theater chairs

Prado Stadium 12

Prado Stadium 12 is your most convenient option, as it’s right within walking distance from your rental. This theater has been a local staple since 2012, offering up the newest films you’re dying to see. It is a handicapped-accessible location so everyone can join in on the fun. They also offer special events with unique showings like documentaries and sporting events. Grab a meal from the extensive menu at The Red Carpet Premiere Bar and Lounge, then head into the theater, grab a luxury reclining chair, and enjoy the show!

Prado Stadium 12 is located at 25251 Chamber of Commerce Drive. Tickets can be purchased online, where you can select your seats. Adult admission is $13.50 per person or $10 for a matinee.

Regal Coconut Point

Regal Coconut Point Stadium 16 is located in Estero, just 3 miles from Bonita Springs. Here, you’ll find all the high-quality pictures and delicious refreshments you expect from a Regal theater. With 16 screens, this theater is host to the latest blockbusters, but you’ll also find movies that may have moved out of your local theater already. You can also preorder tickets for an upcoming film.

Regal Coconut Point is located at 8021 Cinema Way. Matinee showings are $8.79 for adults, and evening shows are $10.19 when you purchase online. There is an upcharge for IMAX showings.

Regal Gulf Coast & IMAX

Just 10 miles away in Fort Myers, Regal Gulf Coast & IMAX is another popular option in the area. Like its Estero counterpart, this theater features 16 screens for all the best new films, but this location also features a few IMAX screens for you to watch the biggest movies in 3D. You’ll find luxurious plush seating and an extensive concession stand menu to satisfy all your cravings.

Regal Gulf Coast & IMAX is located at 10028 Gulf Center Drive. Adult matinee tickets are $10.99, and evening showings are $12.89.

Beach Theater LLC

Fort Myers Beach is home to Beach Theater, just about 6 miles from Bonita Springs. This family-owned establishment is “America’s Original First Run Food Theater,” providing fresh, made-to-order food alongside the biggest blockbusters. Beach Theater is great for a “dinner and a movie” date since you can knock out both parts of your date in one location. From concession stand staples like nachos and popcorn to special entrees like sandwiches and pasta, there’s a little something for everyone!

Beach Theater is located at 6425 Estero Boulevard. It is recommended that you arrive 30 minutes before showtime to allow time for the staff to prepare your food. Matinee prices are $11, and regular shows are $13.30 for adults.

With all of these convenient movie theaters near our Barefoot Beach vacation rentals, you’ve got plenty of options to catch the big premiere while you’re on vacation! There are plenty of other attractions in and around Bonita Springs, from gorgeous beaches to incredible nature, delicious seafood to fun family-friendly events. For more information about all that Bonita Springs has to offer, contact us today!