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What is the Closest Airport to Bonita Springs?

If you are looking to visit Bonita Springs for your upcoming getaway, you are probably going to need to utilize one of Florida’s southwestern airports. Fortunately, Florida is the tourist capital of the country and filled with potential places to land in. From major airports to low key regional spots, you have numerous ways to fly in and fly out for your stay at our Bonita Springs vacation rentals.

Below we cover the closest major airport to Bonita Springs, as well as other regional and major airports a few hours from Bonita Springs. 

airplane travel to bonita springs florida.

Miami International Airport

Miami International Airport is the closest major airport to Bonita Springs. It is also likely the first place you will look for viable connecting flights. With plenty of connections and close proximity to Bonita Springs (roughly two hours), this is one of your best options. And while you are certainly coming in on the opposite coast from where you want to be, the drive to Bonita from Miami is quiet and scenic. It is not usually susceptible to traffic, as the drive weaves through the quiet and open everglades, with few active exits and urban areas in case you want to stop for a delicious meal

Tampa International Airport

The Tampa International Airport is definitely a bit further than Miami if you are settling in Bonita Springs for your vacation. But if you fly Tampa, you will have many more options. Generally, the airport has more connections available at any given time.

The drive from the Tampa airport to Bonita Springs is about two and a half hours. But it isn’t unreasonable to get caught in traffic and quickly bring the drive length up much higher. The majority of your trek will carry you south on I-75, a road open to possible interruptions. We suggest you land in Tampa early on a weekend or after rush hour on a weekday evening to avoid the bulk of Tampa’s traffic.

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Regional Airports

There are numerous regional airports available to you. While many of them are closer than both Miami and Tampa, there are usually fewer connecting flights and options. You may have restricted access due to the smaller size of the planes and the number of travelers. With that said, regional options are great if your scheduling is flexible, you only have a few travelers, and your luggage is minor. We always recommend you call the regional airport for specifics about traveling.

One of the closest is Naples Airport located at 160 Aviation Dr. N. There is a small lounge area for waiting guests and a modest seating room and restaurant. It is a great possible place to fly to avoid the Miami crowds.

The Immokalee Regional Airport is another viable option. Located at 165 Airpark Blvd, this modest regional is a bit inland and almost directly west of Bonita about an hour. The airport is quite small, and likely only use if you have a private plane taking you into or near the Bonita area. 

The Southwest Florida International Airport is the biggest of the regional bunch. It is well-known for its accessible car rental service and makes a great companion to the larger international airports for its small size though often just-as-convenient amenities, like a small restaurant and shops.

We highly recommend this regional airport out of the others. Not only is it the closest, with about a 30-minute drive from Bonita, but it is exemplary in its cleanliness and accessibility. If you can snag a convenient flight here, we suggest you go for it.

For all other inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us. Book your stay and lounge out all day in any of our top-rated Bonita Springs rentals with pools.